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Current Vacancy : None

Please re-check in 1 month time. Or drop an email to z@armanovus.com saying that you'd like to be updated when a vacancy is opened.

Work at Armanovus

Armanovus is a lean software house. We will provide you with a laptop (unless you already own one) and a schedule of work. There is a weekly meeting in Depok that is compulsory to attend. But for the rest of the week you are free to manage your own time and place.

Just like our motto: Cutting-edge Technology for Better Productivity, we know you are working fine from the number of codes commited to our Code Repository, the email replies, and the quick-communication via Instant Messengers. For all we know, you may be writing codes from a beach in Bali!

Eventhough you seem to work as a freelancer, you will receive similar benefits as a regular full-time 09.00-17.00 employee (without the cubicle restriction and office politics).